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The Green & Gold Guard is committed to providing personal and professional development services for our Student-Athletes enabling them to remain focused on their academic and athletic pursuits. This mission further translates to ensuring that we provide the resources necessary to foster success in sport.


An annual Football Membership in the Bighorn Society signals a dedication to the goal of winning football championships. We staunchly believe that on-field success translates to a more robust and successful academic institution and it's this belief that is the foundation to the Bighorn Society.

This program is for the most Stalwart supporters of the Colorado State Football program. There has never been a more pivotal time to support the program and there has never been a more direct way to make a transformational impact than through this syndicate. If you share this conviction, we invite you to join us today.


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Football Advisory Council

Our Football Advisory Council is comprised of Bighorn Society Members and members of The Green & Gold Guard Board of Directors that share the conviction to drive success for the Colorado State Football program. The Football Advisory Council will leverage its knowledge of the Football program and its Student-Athletes to ensure that The Green & Gold Guard resources are deployed in the most impactful manner. The Football Advisory Council members understand business and the business of football, and we're dedicated to ensuring the Bighorn Society has a meaningful, sustainable, and lasting impact on the program.

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