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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the FAQs below and let us know if we can assist with any additional questions.

  • Are my donations tax deductible?
    We are a registered 501(c)(3) with the State of Colorado and the IRS. Your donations are considered tax-deductible, but we do encourage you to speak directly to your tax professional should you have additional questions.
  • What is NIL?
    NIL is short for Name, Image, and Likeness. Beginning on July 1, 2021, the NCAA released guidelines enabling Student-Athletes to profit off of their own NIL. Student-Athletes are now able to leverage their NIL to earn compensation through brand endorsements, personal appearances, and many other activities. Student-Athletes are required to perform a quid pro quo service in exchange for fair market value compensation. We enable Colorado State Athletes to leverage their personal NIL to help uplift charitable organizations throughout the State of Colorado.
  • When will I receive a tax receipt for my gift/donation?
    You will receive an email with the details of your donation by January 31st of the year following your donation. Any single donation of less than $250 will not receive a gift receipt.
  • Are Board Members or Sport-specific Advisory Council Members compensated?
    None of the Board Members or Sport-specific Advisory Council Members are compensated for their involvement.
  • Which Student-Athletes are eligible to engage with The Green & Gold Guard?
    All Colorado State Student-Athletes are eligible to work with The Green & Gold Guard to help uplift our Colorado communities.
  • How much of the donated funds are made available to assist Colorado charitable organizations?
    With ~92-95% of donated funds deployed to fulfill the mission of bettering our communities, we are an efficiently run organization. In addition, we proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to our charitable partners.
  • Is The Green & Gold Guard affiliated with Colorado State University?
    No. The Green & Gold Guard is an independent company with its own Board of Directors that governs our operations. We maintain an excellent and respectful working relationship with Colorado State University administrators to ensure we complement the intentions of their operations and to ensure we remain within compliance of all State, Federal, and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • What is The Green & Gold Guard?
    The Green and Gold Guard is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the State of Colorado and the IRS. We are operated by a stalwart group of Colorado State University alumni that serve to improve our Colorado-based communities by leveraging the power of the name, image, and likeness of Colorado State Athletes.
  • How do the Student-Athletes earn their NIL compensation?
    Through The Green & Gold Guard, we deploy our Student-Athletes into Colorado communities in a manner where they can leverage their personal name, image, and likeness to help charitable organizations further their own mission and cause. Doing so not only benefits the community, but also enhances the personal development of our Athletes.
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